"Inside Information" is FILLED with descriptive and creative language! (Actually, the whole book is, but that is for another time.) It is time to appreciate Tolkien's brilliance!!!

Share examples of it here (according to the page numbers), plus your comments!
If you would like to share favorites from other chapters, feel free (we'll just rename the page)!

192: The stars were coming out behind him in a pale sky barred with black when the hobbit crept through the enchanted door and stole into the Mountain. That is one of my favorite sentences. I love the part when he says" When the hobbit crept throught the enchanted door and stole into the Mountain". I als like the pale sky barred with black. (Belladonna)

(Popo) I like where it describes the tunnel.

193: (Popo) A sound too, began to throb in his ears, a sort of bubbling like the noise of a large pot galloping on the fire, mixed with a rumble as of a gigantic tom-cat purring.
Also, the first sentence of the last paragraph. I like the description of the sounds. I also like how the dragons appearance and his sounds are described.

194: Smaug lay, with wings folded like an immeasurable bat. I love how he used immeasurable. I can't write the whole thing, but I LOVE how Tolkien describes Smaug, everything about him, the way he looks, how he lays on the jewels, the way he spoke to him, just all around.(Belladonna)

...dreams of greed and violence, lying there in his stolen hall...

195: (Popo) The second paragraph. It describes what they are doing with the cup, gives a simile, and shows what the dragon did.


197: ..licking the mountainside with flame...
hot breath shrivelled the grass...
flickering fires leaped up and black rock-shadows danced

I can feel the fear and the pure terror of Smaug. I love the personification--licking & leaping & dancing--and alliteration--flickering fires. Tolkien uses fantastic verbs! (Mr. Brown)

198: (Popo) I like it when Bilbo tells the dwarfs about the hole in their plan and what he expects will get done.

199: (Popo) I like how it describes how Bilbo was creeping along, and how it describes the tunnel a bit.

200: I love how Tolkien describes Smaug as like he flatters himself, and its like he loves himself. (Belladonna)

201: I like how Tolkein says how dragons can not resiste riddles. Bilbo is really lucky. Whenever Smaugs roving eye, seeeking for him in the shadows, flashed across him, he treambled. I love that sentance! I bet Bilbo wouldnt though.

202: Now a nasty suspicion began to grow in his mind- I really like that sentence. I like how he describes the supicion.


204: Never laugh at live dragons, Bilbo you fool! I love how Bilbo sometimes refers to himself as a fool. I also like how they say it would be a while until the hair on the back of his head and his heels grew properly again.



207: Olo- I like the whole 2nd to last paragraph on pg. 207 because I loved the decriptins of
the treasures that Thorin was mumbling about. Here is my favorite sentice in the paragraph- But fairest of all was the great white gem, which the dwarves had found beneath the roots of the mountain, the heart of the mountain, the Arkenstone of Thrain.



I just like this sentence on page 199 this shows how Bilbo has improved: Now Bilbo had become the real leader in this adventure. i jus tthink that it shows that at first he didn't want to go on thiis adventure, and now he is the leader. (Belladonna)

I like the whole book so far. It is really good, and coming from me that means that it is really good. And that is compliments to Tolkien because I am very picky about books.