Type your favorite sentence (or passage) from the chapter and comment on its effectiveness!

It seemed as if darkness flowed out like a vapour from the hole in the mountain-side, and deep darkness in which nothing could be seen lay before their eyes, a yawning mouth leading in and down.

Olo- I like thelast sentense the best. I like it because it makes you think
that they are a tunnel away from the adventure's end

Belladonna- I like the last sentence to because I thought that it was Smaug's mouth at the begginning of the tunnel. Yawning and the words made me think that. Is it true? Tolkien's description made it seem like that. That means that it was really good writing.

Primula- I like page 183, the last sentence of the third paragraph. I really like how Tolkein desribed how Dale had become. It really shows what kind of damage Smaug can do. Its bank was bare and rocky, tall and steep above the stream; and gazing out from it over the narrow water, foaming splashing among many boulders, they could see in the wide valley shadowed by the Mountain's arms the grey ruins of ancient houses, towers, and walls.

(189) As the sun turned west there was a gleam of yellow upon its far roof, as if the light caught the last pale leaves. Soon he saw the orange ball of the sun sinking toward the level of his eyes. He went to the opening and there pale and faint was a thin new moon above the rim of the Earth.

(186) Out up there a silence reigned, broken by no bird or sound except that of the wind in the crannies of stone. They spoke low and never called or sang, for danger brooded in every rock.

(Popo) I liked the last sentence because it tells the darkness of where they have to go and it describes the path they must take to get their treasure. Also, it shows that the last part of the quest is ready and very hard.