Answer the questions assigned to you. You may add on to other questions,
but sign your name.

(Primula) How had Gandalf been a great manipulator?
Gandalf tricked the trolls into thinking that he was one of them and kept arguing with them that made get into a fight. Then they started rollong around on the ground with eachother. And Arjuns story was really good and added to it. he told the dwarves to come in two at a time into Beorns house so he wouldnt get mad that there were so many and kick them out.

(Belladonna) Why was Beorn distrustful of their story?
Maybe because at towards the end of the chapter he said something like, "It was a good tale, but if you lived near the edge of Mirkwood you would take the word of no one that you did not know as well as your brother or better." He needed proof, other than just Gandalf telling him the story because Gandalf wasn't telling him about all of the dwarves. So I wouldn't believe someone who was calling 8 a troop.Would you?

(Popo) How did he react when when he found out it was true?
He reacted well. He decided to help them because their story was strue and
they ere enemys of the goblins and Wargs. Also, they had killed the
Great Goblin and Beorn trusted them.

(Peony) What disturbing news did the group learn from Beorn after his journey
to the site of the fire?

(Olo) Besides being large and a skin-changer, how would you
describe Beorn?

Beorn is also determed to hear stories and is very giving. His
normal look is a Big human whos realy hairy

(Everyone) What could be Gandalf's "pressing business?"
Gandalf's pressing business could be that a war has started, or his friends needed
help. Maybe his relatives could be in trouble or he has found someone who know's
why Thorin's father was wandering. Also, he could've found out that someone
is tracking them. (Popo)