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(Popo) Explain what the goblins' plan was to kill the dwarves and explain how Gandalf, Bilbo and the dwarves escaped:
The goblins wanted to slash, beat, bite, and gnash them, or put them into a hole full of snakes. Bilbo escaped when he found the ring and had a contest of riddles with Gollum. He won, but Gollum discovered his ring was missing, and went to find where he dropped it. Then, thinking Bilbo had taken his ring, he went to the exit, where Bilbo followed him. Then, Bilbo jumped over him and escaped through the door after dodging several goblins. Gandalf freed the dwarves and they all ran out the back entrance.

(Olo) If Bilbo used the ring to escape, how would the goblins' plan and Gandalf's and the dwarves' escape been different:
It would not really be different because it would only be Bilbo escaping and not Gandolf and the Dwarves when the Wolves and
Goblins attacked them. It would have helped Bilbo if he used it when he got trapped in the Lower Gate because the Goblins
would not see him escape.

(Peony) What does the expression "Out of the Frying-Pan and into the Fire" mean? Why do you think J.R.R. Tolkien chose it to be the title of this chapter: I think it means to get out of your hiding spot (being the frying pan)
and to jump into the war close by (being the main area the fire).

J.R.R Tolkien probably chose that name for the chapter title refering to the dwarves,Bilbo,and
Gandalf the wizard to be brave and jump into the fire below them. Then just sit on their
comfortable tree branches.

(Primula) Name a few moments or actions that you think might have an impact later on in the book:
I think that the Wargs hated all of the Dwarves and Biblo and Gandalf, before Gandalf threw the fire pinecones at them, so now, they are really going to want revenge. Same with the goblins. I think that the goblins and Wargs know that the whole "crew" is going to try to make it back, (that is, if they ever make it to where they want to go in the first place, as Tolkein would say) so they the Wargs and Goblens are going to be waiting for them now knowing that they are coming back. I also think that the Lord Eagels are defintely going to come in handy in the future. You know how Mr. Brown said that if you use up to much of your magic you will become evil like Gollum? Im starting to worry (this probably wont happen but im still writing it) that if everyone starts to get in to these life threatening situations, that Gandald will start having to use to much of his majic to save them.

(Everyone's Bonus) What might have caused the goblins and the Wargs to become friends:

Peony- Maybe the goblins and the wargs were freinds because they both live close by, and because the Goblins help the wargs go hunting in the towns and they are the ones to help the wargs use weapons and torches and knives and anyother wepons the wargs can not handle with there paws.
Popo- I think that the Goblins were probably doing a raid, and met the Wargs. The Wargs helped them, and so the goblins gave the Wargs some of the plunder. The Wargs liked this, so they continued to be friends. Also, both are wicked and evil.
Olo- I think they became friends because they both live in one of the worst parts of the land and that the both hate the same things. They also might have became friends because they both shared the plunder the got or had.