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Conclusion: This now ends Hobbity awards of 2008. I for one, know it will be hard to say good-bye. Lets give a round of a plause for the Hobbitalk crew for supplying almost everything you see here today. Actually everything. We would especially like to thank Mr. Bilbo Baggins, with out him, there simply is no Hobbity. You have all been and incredibly wonderful audiance! So I thanks you. I hobbit name, will always be at your survice to assit you in enjoying the Hobbity awards! Thanks again, and join us next time on The Hobbity awards! (This show was made possible by, the crew of Hobbitalk, Magical Makeup, Wizarding Wonders, and Wizarding Wine.)

Lead-in to Hobbity for BRAVERY (Olivia): And for our next Hobbitty award, we will be giving it to one of our nominees who is the Bravest of the bunch, someone who saved lives, who has an uncanny gift for being a heroe, brought hope to all of Wilderland, and is the cleverest and bravest of them all. With out this person who knows what would be happening! Maybe there would have been no war, but we shant think of that now! Instead we sha'll think about what they did do! This person never despaired, well maybe they did, but it always turned out alright in the end! A person of great bravery is no porter, but a potent heroe! Let me introduce to you the four nominees, Fili and Kili! But to everyone's immence deep regret, Fili and Kili passed away being extremly heoric in the Battle of Five Armies. Fili and Kili were the youngest, but maybe strongest, of all the dwarves on the journey! And our second nominee is.... Bilbo Baggins! The Hobbit who talked to a dragon, got trapped in a cave with a flesh eating creature, and escaped with luck, skill, and pride. He rescued the dwarves from blood-sucking spiders, and aided the dwarves in the Battle of Five Armies. He gave the mighty Arkenstone to a foe, and faces the wrath of Mighty Thorin, King Under the Mountain! Our third nominee is Beorn for coming to the rescue of the dwarves during war, and killing many Goblins! He hospitalized the dwarves in a time of need as well. Our fourth and last nominee for bravery is the great Thorin Oakenshield! He was a greay leader, and fought very strongly in the battle of five armies. We honor his greatness. He first suggested journeying all this way, and ended up killing 3/4 of the goblins, scaring of the Wargs, and made Dale a wonderful rich place to live for the rest of our lives. We thank him to our hightest extenet. Judges envelope please....And the Bravery Award goes to..._!!!!
I thought this would be really good just incase Bilbo won. (He was always there ladies and gentlemen, though sometimes you could not see him, he was always famished thought who could blame him! May we introduce, Bilbo Baggins the bravest of the Bunch! )

Acceptance Speech:
I can't say how thankful that I, Bilbo Baggins (Bilbo) have won this award. I was so excited to come here that I ate such a very big breakfast (Eggs and Bacon) this morning and was almost not able to get up. My goal was to only have a trifle more than a morsel, but unfortunately, that was not that case. Being such a bulbous hobbit it's and honor (Picture of award) to be accepting this award. I know it meant so much to my dear old mother Belladonna Took (Belladonna), now a Baggins. I want to thank her for all the support that she gave me when I was only twenty years of age. Good times they were, so long ago. I would also like to thank Gandalf, and all the dwarves, (Picture of Gandalf and dwarves) for knocking on my door, although then, I definitely did not appreciate it. Who would have thought a Hobbit, part Took even, to go on such an adventure? (Picture of Bilbo smoking a pipe) Alas, there are so many people to thank. Thorin and Company were the most wonderful for most of the journey. (Picture of Thorin and CO.) There is also my dad Bungo, (Picture of Bungo) for all the encouragement, Beorn, (Picture of Beorn) who with out him I am quite sure we can not say we were victorious against the Goblins (Picture of Goblins), the Lord of the Eagles for coming to our rescue, and even the Wargs, (Picture of Wargs) for killing off some of the goblins in a rather, painful way I must add. Elrond, who was nice enough to let us in to his grand home. (Picture of the last homely house) It was such a pleasure to go and help Dale but I wish I could say that I enjoyed fighting all of the dreadful creatures on the way. I gained the knowledge of never giving away an ancient Arkenstone (picture of the Arkenstone) especially when the great Thorin (Thorin getting mad) craves it. I also learned that its joyous pleasure to have friends. (Dwarves on the floor in Bilbo's house) Being a hobbit, I found it unimportant to have much contact with people or other hobbits. I will remember this experience for ever. I would also like to recognize my honorable companions Fili and Kili (picture of Fili and Kili), who are the most amazing, pare of brothers that I am sure I will ever meat. They were always willing to go with me on my venturings and would be the most positive of all the crew. I would like to thank, strangely, but still, Gollum. (Picture of Gollum) He made the trip ever so more exciting for me, and had me rack my brain by far. If it wasn't for him I would have never have found his precious, (Picture of the ring) and I would not have the ring. I would also like to reminisce on the state where nothing was going though my head but the thought of eggs and bacon, but lets not discuss food anymore because I am getting rather ready for the after party. (Picture of Breakfast again) To tell you the truth I was not always apart of the adventure during the quest. For part of it I am not completely sorry to say, I was unconscious. During the Battle of Five armies (Picture of war) there were many more important people fighting than me, for I was under a tree, enjoying the peace of my dreams, while others were facing the harsh weathering of war! This award means so much to me because it makes me realize that anyone, even a hobbit, can make a difference in Wilderland (Picture of Wilderland). I would like to thank you all, my companions, even some of my foes for being here tonight, you've all been a wonderful audience, and you all have a good night! (As crowd cheers Bilbo's picture with his hand held up)

Lead-in to Hobbitty for SACRIFICE (Olivia): For our next award, we will be giving to a nominee for sacrafice. Someone who was loyal, and yet at the same time brave. Deffending what they believed in. Putting themselves after others. Making sure that what needed protection, was protected. Our nominees are, Fili and Kili. Who are very greatly esteemed. Deffending their Uncle and King, with their lives. They died doing what they believed was right. With out them Thorin wouldn't have lived to say his last thanks, good-byes, and regrets. Now a moment of silence for Fili Kili. (20 seconds later) Our next nominee is Beorn, for coming in at the last moment, and bringing in a victory for the dwarves! He might have died fighting. Though it looked like an easy time the way he sat on everyone. He came in a time of need to help his friends none the less. Our next nominee is Bilbo Baggins, who gave the Arkenstone to Bard knowing he would be giving uo his 1/14 treasure after all that journey, and facing the wrath of Thorin. Judges if you may, the envelope please...!

Acceptance Speech: Sadly, as you know, Fili and Kili passed away during the Battle for Five armies. Accepting their award for them will be there mother Dis!
I am utterly appalled of what happended to my two sons.(Show Fili and Kili) I still can not bare to think that i will never hear Fili play the fiddle again, (Picute of Fiddle) or here Kili trill to its tunes. I know this award meant so much to them. Deffending my brother and knowing what they had to do. (Shoe Thorin) I am so proud to say that I am there mother. It was hard for them to live in the Blue Mountains (blue mountains) as children, but they never complained at the least. They had alwasy told me they dreamed of going with uncle Thorin and fighting Smaug (Smaug). Thorin told them stories of the treasure (arkenstone) that were in the core of the Lonely Mountains (Lonely Mountains). I think my sons learned how to really worktogether with other dwarves (Dwarves). I know many people including me will miss Fili and Kili. I just hope in the following years their courage will be told with the stories. There are so many people they would l-like to thank. I know that they were always close to Thorin, as i-i was, but for him to allow them the honor of traveling with him on this adventure, was just to the highest extent, kind beyond my wildest imagintaions. I would like to thanks Mr. Baggins (Bilbo) who they obliged their service for ever more and which i-i shall continue. He always had faith in Fili and Kili, and helping them keep their hopes high. By the looks of their wills they had a specail friendship with of course, Thorin and Company, Beorn (Picture of Beorn) who housed them in a time of need and fighting right by their sides and protecting Thorin, Lord of the Eagles (Eagle) for rescuing tem from the tops of trees when the Wargs and Goblins were circling them at the bottom ready to attack. We can also thanks them now again for coming the aid of the Battle of Five armies. Going on this journey meant so much to Fili and Kili, and bestowed an even greater impact on all of Wilderland. As you all know they defrayed the consiquences of being heroes. They might have entered a plight (war) in the end, but all for a good cause or rendering Thorin. If they were still children, I know that the most even for them to here would be seeing the Smaug (Smaug). They always fantisized of fighting a dragon and being dwarves in armor. This ceromony has made me realize that not only their old mother appreciates Fili and Kili. Its looks as if it is all of Wilderland that have come to know and thank them, and that they are everything but a trifle of meaning to all creatures. I am now thanking all of you for being here tonight and celebrating their moment of victory (Picute of award). I know how happy they would have been to see you all here, but i dont think i could manage to express all th-at joy. Fili and Kili will-will miss you all, and will wish that you all enjoy the re-rest of your night.

est of them.
I like page 40 in the middle/bottom, where it starts, There were lots of clothes. I notice throught out the book that they keep refering to, if we ever get back, or if we make it, they aren't very confident. I also like pg 44 in the middle thats starts with, There seemed. I know it's kinda late but I just remembered something on page 59, i just like the whole kinda this with the prisoners work till they die for want of air and light. I did not want to ponies to die. :-(

My name is Primula Loamsdown of Deephallow! Its so long!

Chapter 5-Riddles in the Dark:
I know its kind of obviouse, (Actually its really obvious) but I just wanted to point out that the ring was first mentioned.
I like the part when J.R.R Tolkein says it was a turning point in his career, but he did know it. I still really like that feeling of the author/narrator acting as if he/she is right there with your watching everything that is happening. I also like the part where its explaining how Bilbo gets his hopes up about having his pipe, and having the tobbaco, but then they are shaddered when he cant find any matches. I also like how Bilbo was talking to himself, go back? No! Go sideways? No! Go forward? The only option! Or something like that. I also liked, (Wow its like the 2nd page an ive listed so many things) where it says, I should not have liked to be in Mr. Baggins' place, all the same. I like the way Gollum says handses (Fisssshhhhessss!) And how he says Preciousssssssss! Why does Gandalf call Bilbo it? Why not YOU! If i was Bilbo i might cut off Gollum's head right then and there! I mean, a meat lover?! (Last time i heard Bilbo was MEAT!)
Olivia's creative writing

Olivia the chapter is really long, but it is really good. It has a lot of action

This is my interview.

As i told Mr. Brown it's weird, funny, and i think good. (But i could be wrong.)

Bilbo and the dwarves climed for what seemed like days, and while Bilbo was walking down a long hallway, he had spotted a sword hanging on the wall. He reached up and took it from it's place. Then, a few days later, he found that it came in handy. This time was when Balin spotted an opening in the rocky, mountain ceiling. Bilbo felt the cold cool breeze fill through the hair on is head and his heels. Then, out of nowhere, the breeze that was going through Bilbo's hair turned to sweat, and then all of dwarves were doing it to. In front of Bilbo appeared a long flame, nearly catching fire on his hair! Bombur was very unfortunate because he was to fat and not fast enough to dodge the fire so the flames scorched his long beard. That day the dwarves realized that it was no regular fire Smaug had let loose out of his mouth. It was a different kind of fire, a stronger kind of fire, a flame that had power, and knew that it would win. What this fire brought was a feeling of despair, and hopelessness. Meanwhile, Bilbo had found an old staircase ansd was climbing up the stairs with his ring on. Smaug had been to distracted with getting rid of the dwarves that he had not noticed. At that moment a great shriek had come from the great dragon, and all the fire had stopped. Bilbo was riding on the dragon, he was swooping from mountain cliff to mountain cliff, and then when they were over a great lake, he did it. He took out his sword, and stuck it in to the great body of Smaug. They came tumbling down through the air, and before Bilbo knew it, he was sitting dumb founded, on a dead Smaug in the middle of a river with all of his friends gone, no where to go, but a pile of treasure that was right beneath him that he knew he would never get.