Peony's Space

So far my favorite chapter is chap. 2. I think what made me
like it is because of how the trolls acted
it was sort of funny in a way.

My favorite ending for a chapter was
chapter 4. Over Hill and Under Hill so far. Its on
the last paragraph of page 63.

I think my favorite chapter ending now is from Riddles in the Dark.

Here is my creative writing!

Lead-in to Hobbitty for BRILLIANCE UNDER PRESSURE (Eleni):
Next Hobbity inc. is proud to present the award for Brilliance Under Pressure. This award stands for being in a bad position but still have courage inside to stay calm and get out of your situation. Now for our 4 Nominees that I am proud to say were difficult to chose from ……….Bilbo, Smaug, Bard, and Gandalf….. but unfortunately the boot went to….Bilbo, Smaug, and.....Bard sorry you guys I know you tried very hard but are winner for this evening is the clever, smart, and brilliant wizard Gandalf!!! Come on up would you like to say a few words??

Gandalf-Acceptance Speech Template
Yes I would, Thank you so much for this award I really thought this Hobbitty was quite unique, and when you mentioned me as one of the nominees I was flattered. Now of all the other nominees, I must compliment my good friend, Bilbo, for everything he did. I knew Bilbo was going to be the right choice for the 14th person to accompany us on our journey. I was especially impressed when Bilbo tricked smaug, and gollum with his brilliant riddling skills. So for the last nominee Bard showed his brilliance at Esgaroth during the attack from Smaug. He was told of smaugs weak spot and, as commotion filled the air, at last he sprung the bow and arrow with everyone around watching and skillfully struck the dragon with a CRASH. That my friends was the end of our cruel enemy, Smaug. Once again I thank you for this award. FinallyI thank you very much for this award. So everybody I hope you enjoy the rest of the ceremony and the rest of your evening!!!!!