Olo's Space (Olo Bramble of Willobottom)

So far I like the book. My favorite chapter is
chapter 2 because I like how Gandolf tricked the trolls.
I also liked the elves' songs.

Now my favorite chapter is 5 because I liked all the riddles that Bilbo
and Gollum used. The fish in the lake/river sounded discusting from
the description.
I cant belive a guy like Shmegal would turn into a hideous creature like Gollum.
My preciousssssss
  • I dont know how to spell his name

Bilbo was brave to attack the great spider with only a sword. I think the battle with the spiders should
have been exiting. Also, I think that Thorin should just tell the Elf Lord why they are in the forest.

Bilbo stole a sacred cup from Smaug. He also got burnt from Smaug's flame. Thier ponies
got eaten.Will they make it back? Smaug is a red-golden dragon with an armored stomach, he is an old dragon.
They stole the Arkenstone of Thrain. It draws your attention. I would want it for my rock collection.
The armor also sounded cool.

Thorin or Bilbo should have killed smaug!!!!!!!!!!!! NOT Bard!!!!!

elves, dwarves, lake men, a hobbit, a wisard, goblins, wargs, and eagles in 1 war.
Too bad trolls and dragons were not in the war :(

Here is my Hobbit Interview

Hi, my name is Olo and I am here to interview a Hobbit character. Today I am going to interview the character Elrond. I will now ask him Q and A.

Q. Elrond, what’s it like to live in a valley so far away from civilization?

A. I think is more quiet and peaceful, though I would like some more visitors to come to my village for company.

Q. How were you feeling when Gandolf arranged his group to come visit you as a stop on their adventure?

A. I was really happy, so happy, that me and my elf friends finally get a visitor. I was glad to see my old friend Gandolf.

Q. Were you amazed when you saw the swords Gandolf, Thorin, and Bilbo had?

A. Yes, I was amazed to see that they had found the swords that the elves used in the Battle of Moria. They were amazing with the jewels and the hilts of the swords.

Q. Were you glad they were staying overnight or did you not want them because a lot of dwarves were in the group?

A. I was happy to have Gandolf stay and was fine to have Bilbo stay but I did not want to be mean to the dwarves because Thorin, ( the dwarf king ) could declare war on the elves. It would also hurt Gandolf because he knew they needed they to stay safe for the rest of the adventure.

Q. Do you think you will have future visitors?

A. I think people will but I am not sure for I do not live near hobbits and dwarves who may tell me they were coming and/or visiting to my villige.