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CHAPTER 2- I really liked chapter 2. I thought Bilbo did not do a good job with the trolls. I think he should have just went back and told the dwarves about the trolls. If I was him, I would have not robbed the pocket of the troll. Bilbo needs to learn that he should not impress the group. He should be safe and then the group will be happy. Also, his robbery caused all of the dwarves to be caught and captured. It caused a lot of trouble to his partners. I think Bilbo will soon be a good burglar. I thought it was funny how the trolls kept getting into fights. I thought it was funny when Gandalf kept tricking the trolls by talking like the trolls so he could save the dwarves. I can't wait to see what will happen to the dwarves and Bilbo.


Bilbo was greeted by strangers at the door,
who demanded Bilbo to give them more.
Poor Bilbo had not an idea, for an adventure was in store.
The next morning, Bilbo was in for the adventure.

The next morning, Bilbo thought their was a horrible mistake,
even when he was hardly awake.
And on the mantelpiece he found a letter,
and then he tucked it in his sweater.

And this is how Bilbo Baggins' journey began.

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Chapter 4:
In chapter 4, I thought that the goblins were quite freaky. I thought that the way they talked, especially toward Thorin, was quite awful. I think that the goblins should forgot about the war. It was long ago and he should not take everything out on the ancestors, like Thorin. Also, Bilbo, I think he is a more of a mature burglar. I think he learned from the more expirence that he got from the adventure. I think Bilbo was a hero in chapter 4. If he had not of screamed, Gandalf would have not been able to save them. It might not sound like a lot, but it really did help if you think about it.

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Chapter 6: I think that chapter 6 was really cool. I think that Bilbo should have told the group about the ring. I understand, though, why he did not tell. He wanted a better reputation with the dwarves. I think the dwarves are now taking him much more seriously. I thought that the wolves were not as bad as the goblins. I liked how J.R.R. Tolkien made the saying "Out of the frying pan and into the fire." I think it means out of one situation and into another. Like how the dwarves and Bilbo escaped the Goblins and then they got to the forest and they met with the wolves who were stalking them.


Bilbo Baggins:

How Luck Has Played a Role in His Success -- Luck has played a role in Bilbo's success because he found the ring. He also was able to get the keys from the guard and rescue the dwarves.

His Skills and How They Have Created His Success -- One skill that has helped Bilbo a lot is his ability to sneak around to spy on bad guys. He also has developed a more brave and determined character. Bilbo has also become a better leader.

His Personality Traits Related to Leadership -- Bilbo does not give up easily and he has gotten braver. He keeps the dwarves going and he gives the group wise decisions in tough situations. Bilbo has developed a leadership role and I feel he has somewhat taken the place of Gandalf.

Thorin Oakenshield:

How Luck Has Played a Role in His Success -- Thorin has not had to much luck in his time. I do not think it is luck that he is the son of an important man. That is just his family. Thorin is able to lead the group. He has not really had any luck yet in the book.

His Skills and How They Have Created His Success -- Thorin knows how to be a leader. Thorin is always able to get the group going even in hard times. He is determined and he does not want to tell a lot of people about the journey. That is why he got put in jail at the palace.

His Personality Traits Related to Leadership -- Thorin was born a good leader. I think it comes from his family and he knows he has power from his dad. Thorin is not uptight with power but he knows he has it. Thorin does not want to give up. This journey is based on his treasure. Thorin is brave and willing to do a lot to finish the journey.

Chapter 12: Through the lens of a writer
Here are some of my favorite quotes from chapter 12. It was one of my favorite chapters.

1. Smaug lay, with wings folded like an immeasurable bat (pg. 194) (simile)
2. Nothing can escape Smaug once he sees it. (pg. 197) (memorable quote)
3. Then, as the nature of folk that are thoroughly perplexed, they began to grumble at the hobbit, blaming him for what had at first pleased them" for bringing a cup and stirring up Smaug's wrath so soon. (pg. 198) (tense feeling and humor)
4. After that of course, the dwarves begged his pardon. "What then do you propose we should do, Mr. Baggins?" asked Thorin politely. (pg. 198) (humorous sentence)
5. (Bilbo) "That gold was only an afterthought with us. We came over over hill and under hill, by wave and wind, for revenge. Surely, O Smaug the inaccessibly wealthy, you must realize that your success has made you some bitter enemies?" (pg. 203) (common sense!)
6. (Smaug) "My armor is like ten fold shields, my teeth are swords, my claws are spears, the shock of my tail a thunderbolt, my wings a a a hurricane, and my breath death!" (pg.203) (A lot of similes and metaphors)

Chapter 12:
I thought chapter 12 was a very good chapter. Like Meriadoc, I thought chapter 12 was good becuase J.R.R. Tolkien did a really good job wording it. He used discriptive writing and used many similes and metaphors. I took some of the good quotes from the chapter above. Chapter 12 did not have a lot of action but it was a really good one. I really liked when Smaug was using similes and metaphors to discribe himself.

Chapter 13:
I think that chapter 13 was a good one even though it was not full of action. It was defiantly a needed one and it created a lot of suspense and suspicion about Smaug. I always thought that Smaug was going to appear and that when he left his home it was a trap. Bilbo was brave and he lead the group. I think he and Thorin are going to have a fight later in the book about the Arkenstone. Bilbo wanted the Arkenstone but it rightfully belonged to Thorin since it was made by his ancestors. I think that the next chapter will be more action packed.

Chapter 14:
I think that Roac deserves a lot of credit for telling the group about Smaug's death. Also, I think that Thorin is going to become very selfish now that he has all of the gold and jewels. He is part of a royal family. He has never really been rich, so now that he all the power and and jewels he might become selfish. You can also look at my chapter chat that I posted about Thorin and his treasure. Also, the people who are coming to get treasure from Thorin might have some secret plan to steal the treasure.

My favorite quote for chapter 16:
Here is my favorite quote. It is very descriptive and just wonderful.
"It was as if a globe had been filled with moonlight and hung before them in a net woven of the glint of frosty stars."

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