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Bilbo Baggins:

How Luck Has Played a Role in His Success --
During the riddle contest with Gollum he just "happens" to give Gollum a hard question and he just "happens" to day the word "time" at the right place. There are many more but to many to name all of them. I think also when J.R.R. Tolkien uses luck as an answer it is just another way of showing that he doesn't have any ideas as to how Bilbo could escape the situation.

His Skills and How They Have Created His Success --
Bilbo was a hobbit who wasn't very wise and strong, but now in the book he is being a wise hobbit with many talents such as being lucky, smart, thinking up good ideas to get out of trouble and being good at showing the dwarves that he can really be a big help. It has helped him in ways such as escaping and showing the dwarves that Gandalf was right about picking Bilbo as a 14th member in the beginning of the book.

His Personality Traits Related to Leadership --
Bilbo has got a good sense of courage and adventure and when he uses it in the right place at the right time he can be a very good leader, kind of better than Thorin sometimes.

Thorin Oakenshield:

How Luck Has Played a Role in His Success --
Thorin was very lucky that his family was royal because when they went to Lake-Town they probably wouldn't have gotten in if they didn't have a good reason. That way they got more food and water and got a big long brake before they had to start the adventure again.

His Skills and How They Have Created His Success --
Thorin has a very good quality of leadership and he makes a great leader. He is strong, courageous and is a very good dwarf. I think that Thorin makes a great team member.

His Personality Traits Related to Leadership --
Thorin is a very humble wise man who knows what he is doing. He is very in charge and makes a fantastic leader. Thorin has a lot of good leadership qualities.

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