HOBBITALK RULES (because Hobbitalk rules!)

  • Any member can come up with an appropriate rule (as long as the majority of the group agrees).

  • Members' writing on this wiki must only be THEIR VERY BEST AT ALL TIMES, even if it is a chat. Mr. Brown and all who read this expect to see only thoughtful, clear, and descriptive ideas.

  • Members must write only useful comments to each other that relate completely to their writing or to THE HOBBIT (the whole purpose of our wiki!)

  • Members can delete things from their own space but NOT from anyone else's space (except for Mr. Brown, who is all-powerful).

  • Every member must answer every discussion question in a timely manner that is placed by Mr. Brown on CHAPTER CHATS. Mr. Brown will announce when a question is open for discussion.

  • If members want to tell each other things, they should go to that person's page and send a message (see the second bullet for details about what members can write in messages).

  • Members must put their hobbit names in parentheses after EVERYTHING they add ANYWHERE, except for their own page.

  • Members are NOT to read wiki pages that involve parts of the book they haven't read yet, such as certain chapter pages.