Here are the major assignments thus far:

Thursday, March 26:
Read Chapter 14 and reply to ALL your group's recent chapter chats!

Wednesday, March 18: Begin mapping out essay and come to school with questions. The essay will be due on Monday.

You will be composing an essay on Bilbo's change over the course of the book.

The introduction should relate to Gandalf's first introduction of Bilbo to the group and Gandalf's thoughts on Bilbo's role, as well as the dwarves' initial reactions.

Then, I would expect a paragraph each on: his change in abilities as a "burglar"; the change in his leadership abilities (being studious, maintaining command of situations, ideas and the determination to accomplish them); the change in the dwarves' perception of him. Obviously, all paragraphs should include text-based details and even quotes if they eant.

Finally, conclude the essay with a re-examination of Gandalf's early decision to make Bilbo their "#14."

Tuesday, March 17:
Update on Podcasts:
Chapter 5 - Lila
Chapter 6 - Todo
Chapter 7 - Cora
Chapter 8 - Ivy

Also, Ivy will work with Mr. Resanovich to upload her podcast


Read Chapter 12 THROUGH THE LENS OF A WRITER! Take note of Tolkien's BRILLIANT craftwork (noting page numbers), especially:
Fantastically descriptive sentences, especially the verbs, adjectives, and adverbs
The use of the five senses
The use of humor in tense situations
The EFFECTIVE use of relatively short and repetitive sentences to create suspense or other moods
His explanation of other characters' thoughts

Wednesday, March 11, Homework:
Go to Chapter Work >> Chapter 10, and follow the directions for your writing assignment

Tuesday, March 10, HOMEWORK:

Read Chapter 9: Barrels Out of Bond
Prepare for Discussion: Descriptive language in Chapters 8 and 9 (with page numbers)
Respond to NEW Chapter Chat! (Bilbo's change)
Don't forget to work on the next podcasts! Scripts should be completed by Thursday LATEST!! Peer edit in my absence!

Monday, March 9, CLASSWORK:
1) Finish recording your podcasts
CLICK HERE for how to save your podcast and upload it onto the wiki
2) Divide up the responsibilities of podcasting Chapters 5, 6, 7, and 8
3) Begin writing the scripts for the new podcasts - be creative and descriptive with your language! Remember your audience and create a mood with your words! If you want to put an interview into the script, you can do that as well now.
4) Decide on a great question that you are curious to hear each other's answers to and have a member post it on Chapter Chats. Then have everyone answer it. Bonus: In addition to writing your own answer, reply to someone else's answer as well.

Monday, March 9, HOMEWORK:
1) Read Chapter 9
2) Finish writing the new scripts

March 5: BY MONDAY
Read Chapters 7 and 8
FRIDAY WORK: Finish up your podcast editing
Respond to my Chapter Chats AND respond to someone else's response

March 4: Read Chapter 6
Respond to the new Chapter Chat with supporting details
I am starting a Report Card Page for Bilbo. Come up with category that you think he (or anybody) should be graded on in the book and add it to the page!

February 26: Read Chapter 4
Finish the draft of your podcast script

February 25: Finish Chapter 3
Add information to the hobbit-o-pedia and character backgrounds
Write at least one verse in dwarf-song or elf-song
Expand vocabulary page
Begin thinking about a Tolkien-like creative writing passage - this assignment will be coming soon.

February 24: Read Chapter 2, respond to my question on "Chapter Chats," and experiment with the wiki.
Add to/improve the vocabulary page (for Chapter 1 and 2)

BONUS: song-writing

February 23: Be prepared with discussion points for Chapter 1

BONUS: See "Chapter 1: An Unexpected Party" for bonus song-writing!

Contribute to the criteria, nominees, and script for the 2008 Hobbitty Awards!
Write both of your speeches. Look over them, too!


Look at the new page chapter rewrites and see if you can add anything. Or post anything you've done in the past.

Make your nominations (with written support) for each Hobbitty Award!

Belladonna posted a Chapter Chat for all to respond!

FINISH THE BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!
Read- The Clouds Burst. You should do some Wiki, I don't really know, but it is a good idea.

Read- A Thief in the Night. You don't have to do any wikispace.

Gathering Clouds- Do your assigned question. Do the Bonus if you want to. You must do the question for Everyone.

BONUS! Rewrite the dramatic death of Smaug just the way you would want it to happen!

GO TO "??s & !!s" -- Respond to what is there and post something new that others could comment on. Then, periodically check back and respond to other members' additions as they appear. (Isabella, you have already "posted something new," so you would just need to wait for others to post new questions or comments on a different topic.)

No one has been recording vocabulary - I have made my own contributions. Help me out!

Please nominate words into our Vocab Hall of Fame! These are words that we love for their fabulous description and would love to try to use (when the time is right) in our own writing!

Go to our new page, Inside Information, add evidence of descriptive language!
(There are also references to historical creatures and events if anyone wants to do a little digging!)

BONUS!! In honor of Pi Day, compose a pi-em about The Hobbit! If you are not sure what a pi-em is, I started one on my page. Investigate how it relates to PI. Then you can add to it! (You can also create your own!) I never knew thats how you spell that kind of pi. Its weird. (Olivia)

Answer the new Chapter Chat - "The yawning mouth leading in and down" (Write your passage as if Tolkien were describing it!

Contribute to the new page, On the Doorstep

Read my addition to Hobbit-o-pedia on the Elven King

Do your question on Cryptic Coments! (Olivia)

EXTRA! EXTRA! READ ALL ABOUT IT! The dwarfs have escaped from under the wood-elves' noses! Write the front page articles!!

Enjoy "Flies and Spiders," and I can't wait to read your interviews!

1-Read at least through the song in "Queer Lodgings."

2-Edit your writing one final time for posting - you can work with an adult or older sibling if you would like.

3-Make sure you have answered both Chapter Chat questions. There will be a new one tomorrow!

4-Add your examples to the page, "Bilbo - An Oxymoron"

1-Here is your writing assignment for today (and continues as tonight's homework if not done in school)

2-Check out the first of our "Cryptic Comments." What do you think it means????

Chapter Chats
1-Gandalf's choice for #14
2-favorite part so far

Song for Bilbo

Riddles in the Dark

Out of the Frying-Pan Into the Fire