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The Fools of the Night

-Belladonna Sackville-Baggins and Primula Loamsdown of Deephallow

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Scandal in the Forest

of Mirkwood!!



The Mirkwood Gazette

The Chief Guard and the Butler found drunk and Prisoners Escape

Yesterday was the great autumn feast, but all did not go well when the guards saw that thirteen jail cells were empty. ‘‘We checked part of the forest and still could not find them!!!’’ said an elf. ‘Then we decided to check the underground tunnels, caverns, and caves. They saw the Chief Guard and the King’s Butler drunk and tired in the barrel storage tunnel. Most of the elves, The Elf King, and The Chief Guard had finally noticed that the key was missing. Elf detectives said they found water on the grass that lead to the Jail. They also found shoe prints so they scanned them and they saw it was a Hobbit’s.

Where did the Escapers Go

All the elves below ground were celebrating the autumn feast and sending empty barrels down the river to get more wine from lands far away. When they were pushing some of the barrels in the river they noticed that some of the barrels were heavy when they were supposed to be empty. One elf said, ‘‘Lets see what’s in these barrels’’ but others refused to.
A day or two after the celebration some of the elves began to think the dwarves were in the barrels but the king did not let them leave the forest.