Chapter 6:

Narrator (pg 102): But all night he dreamed of his own house and wandered in his sleep into all his different rooms looking for something that he could not find nor remember what it looked like.

What could this dream symbolize?

It could symbolize that he is getting more into the adventure. He could be getting closer to the dragon and the treasure.
That he is enjoying himself on the adventure and that he likes the dwarves.

It probably means that in the future he might lose something, or he is not going in the right direction to get to his goal.
It could also mean that he is liking adventures more, since anything a usual hobbit has in his home is what they need.

It could show that the adventure may soon end because his memory is fading away from other than the adventure.

I think it means that he wants to focus on something other than the adventure when he was sleeping.

I think it means that he is starting to feel a little more Tookish. Not remembering all those silly thing a Baggins might remember. (No offense Belladonna Baggins)

Olo's Question for Everyone

On pg. 172 it said: So you see Bilbo had come in the end by the only road that was any good.
What do you think this means?


(Popo) I think it means that Bilbo is a good chooser and he chose the right thing to do because he is a good person.

I think it means Bilbo chose the right path in life.

That Bilbo had found the correct road and that there was the keyhole and the door there.

(Primula) Bilbo and all the dwarves know that the land had changed, paths had vanished, and people and other things had been eaten. This road was the only road that seemed at all POSSIBLE for them to travel on. You could tell they were desperate because that road was also guarded by the elvin-king.