If you want to rewrite (or already rewrote) a chapter ending or something that you didn't like, post it the way you would have written it if you were J.R.R Tolkien.

The Ending of the Book:
This is the way i would have ended the ending of the book. Bilbo arrived at his little hobbit hole, and reminisced on the past year and few months of his long life. It seemed like decades since thirteen dwarves and a wizard made a scratch on his front door. At first he was as reluctant as he could be to be their "burglar" and thought it was nonsense to be rushing up to seek out gold and risk getting eaten by a dragon. To tell you the truth he was perfectly content right where he was sitting in his little armchair by the fire instead of going and-well, doing anything really. And yet, there was something pulling him from his insides, but when the dwarves explained their task, he definetly did feel something, something tring to lure him, it was either that or the fact that he hadn't had a big enough breakfast that morning. When Bilbo remebered all of this he smiled to himself like a hobbit always should at the thought of a nice big breakfast. As he was circling all the thoughts in his head, the silence was suddenly broken, and there was a knock on the door. Thinking of all his exciting journeys made him spring to the door, for Bilbo recognized the knock, he could have realized it anywhere. It was the knock of the great wizard Gandalf. Bilbo seized the door knob and swung it open, and there, right in front of him, was, of course, Gandalf, and interestingly the rest of the dwarves followed him, less the three, to his deep regret, who were lost so long ago. Gandalf sighed and smiled down at his little Hobbit friend. His hair had turned pearl white, he was smiling but there was a look of sorrow in his eyes. He looked at all the other dwarves solemn faces except for one, Balin, who looked like he could jump right out of the line and give the hobbit a great hug. Bilbo invited the dwarves and Gandalf inside, not knowing what to expect. What Bilbo heard, and what Gandalf told in the next few hours, would change the hobbit's life forever. He looked up to his magical ring sitting atop his fireplace, and knew, he was ready. (This time he would bring some extra handkerchiefs)

Belladonna- I would have started it with the same paragraph. Here is the way I would have writen it. I would have used one of the same paragraph that he used.
One autumn day, while Bilbo was writing his memoirs, there was a knock at the door. Bilbo got up- very angrily, I might add- to answer the door. It was Gandalf and a dwarf: the dwarf was Balin- was something wrong? was this the beginning of a new adventure?
That is the way I would write it. Is it ok that Iused part of his writing?