Bilbo is a hobbit with contradicting character traits.

Below are some ways this appears to be true. Your job is to type specific examples from the book that support each one!

BILBO IS: Heroic, but at the same time a source of problems...
He was heroic when jumped over Gollum but right after that, he got caught in the Lower gate with some goblins. (Olo)
He even got stuck in the doorway and popped all the buttons of his coat (which irritated him greatly) (Mr. Brown)
Problem:He found Gollum, Heroic: but then he got the ring. (Popo)

"The Brave Scaredy-cat"
BILBO IS: Brave and tough, but at the same time wimpy and easily scared...
When he was brave enough to go towards the red light and try to steal something from the trolls, but then they found out and Bilbo hid from the trolls and Gandalf had to save them. (Belladonna)
(Olo)- He was brave to try and steal from a trolls pocket, but he was scared when the troll saw him and captured him.

"The Intelligent Airhead"
BILBO IS: Smart and insightful, but at the same time makes you wonder, "What is he thinking?!?"...
He saw the light, had to go to it, and had the sense to stay behind the light and not just burst out. Yet, when he saw the trolls he decided to pickpocket one instead of going back to give the information to the dwarves and Gandalf. (Popo)

BILBO IS: Deserving of respect, but at the same time not getting any respect...
Bilbo deservs respect because fought Gollum in the riddles contest and escaped the goblins, getting through the cave with the ring. I think the dwarves think that now he is even for all his mistakes like pickpocketing the trolls, but he shouldnt get anything extra. Now Bilbo does desreve respect for getting the dwarves at out of jail and thinking of an idea (Not so compfortable) to get them out of mirwood. He does get respest. (Primula)

Bilbo is: Determined and not
Bilbo wanted to move on but then he wanted to go home going backand
forth but always heading forward
(Olo)- He was not determed to go on the adventure ,but he is determed to get to the next stop in the adventure.