Gathering Clouds. Do your question!

(Peony) Why would the presence of carrion birds sugest that a battle is about to happen?
The presence of carrion birds could suggest a battle is approaching because carrion birds eat dead bodies and like to be around where that might be happening. So that was where that was happening and they were aware of it and ready to have a BIG snack.

(Popo) Who is Roac?
Roac is a 153 year-old, decrepit raven who is the son of Carc who lived above the guard-chamber in Thrain's kingdom (Ravenhill). Roac is also the Chief of the great ravens of the Mountain. He is great in size, he's becoming blind, he could hardly fly, and the top of his head was balding.

(Peony) What news does Roac bring to the dwarves?
Roac brings news that the great Smaug is dead. A thrush or some bird listened to the dwarves conversation and relized that they couldn't understand him, so he went and got Roac, the old bald raven which the dwarves could understand.

(Olo) What course of action did Thorin choose after hearing the news?
Thorin reacted by shooting an arrow at the man who told him that the elves and lake men should get 1/12 of the treasure.

(Primula) How does Bard justify his and his men's claims to Smaug's treasure?
Bard thinks that he deserves one twelfth of the treasure because he killed Smaug with his great black arrow. This would be a very hard thing for the dwarves to do. He also is the heir of Girgion who had a lot of gold that was stoled from Smaug. His whole town is destroyed becuase of Smaug, and people are dying.

(Bonus) Do you agree with Thorin's conditions for negotiation? What conditions DO YOU THINK Thorin SHOULD insist on before he negotiates with Bard?
Primula-I think that as a dwarf Thorin has the right to not accept Bard's offer because dwarves have a very greedy quality. I also think that he shouldnt because he hasnt realized what this could cause or start. I think that he should look over the posiblities of going into war. It might not be the smartest thing to do when you only have 13 people on your team. (Not including your self.)

(Popo) I don't think Thorin's conditions are fair. He should give some of the treasure to Bard and the Elves because of the things I put below. I think that he should say drop your weapons, and bring your most trusted people with you to a council.

EVERYONE MUST DO!!!! Explain what you think everyone deserves from the treasure pile and why!!!!!!

Belladona-I think that Bard and the town that he lived in should get about 1/10 of the treasure pile because Bard killed Smaug and the town is destroyed. However, I think that Thorin and the dwarves should get the rest of it because this treasure means so much to them. They suvived through everything. Gandalf should also get some of it and all the people who helped them because they moved them foward on the adventure.
Primula-Actually it is one twelfth (I think) of the treasure because for one, Bard killed Smaug which was one of the hardest parts of reaching the treasure. (But i think a much harder part is yet to come.) He is also heir of Girgion and thinks that he should get one twelfth because Smaug had stolen many of is ancsetors gold and gems.

(Popo) Bard and the town he lives in should get one twelfth of the treasure and share some with the elves because they helped repair their home. Bard killed Smaug, and that made the treasure in absence of a guard. Also, the town was destroyed. The Dwarves should get twelve fourteenths of the remaining treasure because they went on the journey. Bilbo did too, so he'd get one fourteenth. Gandalf helped, so he could have one fourteenth, and share with Beorn and others who helped them.

(Olo) I dont like that the lake men, who only decided to get 1/12 after killing the dragon that destroyed thier own village. I think that the lake men should have gotten 5/12 because they were brave to even fight the dragon but Bilbo and the Dwarves should get the other 7/12 because they made a jouney for an adventure and they stole from Smaug.

Think about for tomorrow: In a ten minute brainstorming session, we will outline the qualities of a good leader. Then we will select characters from the novel. Using the various leadership traits discussed in the brainstorming session, we will compare and contrast their leadership abilities.