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(Popo) Unusual details about Gollum and his "world":
Gollum talks to himself, and calls himself, my precious. Also, he makes the s sounds go longer than usual. Gollum has pop out eyes, and can see in the dark. His smell and hearing have increased in sharpness. He eats fish, and goblins. He had a ring that made him invisible, and used that to sneak up on goblins. It was the only thing he still liked other than himself. Also he played riddles sometimes. His world is creepy and gross to me. There are different things in the lake, but mostly fish. There is an Island in the middle, where he lives. He also has a little rowboat.

The ring was a birthday present and it makes him invisible. His eyes change color and sometimes if he is really angry, you can see flames or different colored flames in his eyes. He uses his feet to row in his rowboat and uses his fingers to catch the fish. Gollum LOVES meat!!! Maybe this is the ring that is in the Lord of the Rings. (Belladonna)

(Belladonna) Why it may have been best that Bilbo was the one in the tunnel (if someone had to be in there):
Bilbo should have been the one who was in the tunnel because Bilbo is starting to stand up to his name being the Burglar and being the one Gandalf chose as the fourteenth.

I think Bilbo is the worst burglar there is so its best that hes not there. (If someone has to be) (Primula)

(Olo) Ways the ring might be useful in the future:

The ring could be useful in the future because it could help any of the members of the group to escape or steal things.
It could also be useful to attack enimies where they cannot be seen.

(Primula) Actions or character traits we didn't expect from Bilbo:
One trait I didnt expect from Bilbo was when he said, "Dark!" And J.R.R Tolkein said that he did it with out scratching his head or putting on his thinking cap. But on the other hand, you can kind of expect for Hobbits to know kind of things like Riddles, i mean what else do they do all day? I think its kind of strange that Bilbo thought Gollum as a wretch even though Gollum wanted to eat him, i mean i dont object to him calling Gollum a wretch, i would have too, but Bilbo usually is very polite. Biblo tricked Gollum i guess you could say and stole the ring while he escaped like a true Took out of the cave!

When Gollum was looking for the ring and he was getting angry, Bilbo was kinda standing up for himself, and he was saying that he wanted to go and a deal was a deal. (Belladonna)

(Peony) Moments of great suspense in the chapter:
One was when they were going through the riddles game and you were wondering who was going to win, another one was when it kept on describing gollums eyes which described his mood which made you wonder what will happen next, or when he bumped into the goblins good thing he had the ring on him. But the most supenseful part was when he had escaped the goblins and the chapter ended at the words of just as simple as that.
A moment of suspence was when Gollum was chasing after Bilbo, going through all of the passages. (Belladonna)

(Everyone's Bonus) Our own rhyming riddles -- can you guess the answers? Tell your answer to the member who wrote the riddle!
It's a suit you must always wear,
It's a vessel that can contain despair. (Popo)

It eats, shoots, and leaves.
Erase the commas.
It's black and white. (Popo)

It's a book you might have read,
if your shot there, you'd have one in your head,
and then you'd most likely be dead.
Your mouth makes one when your about to be fed,
or you might want to dig one instead. (Popo)