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Review On Chapter 1:

The sneaky wizard Gandalf tricks a hobbit named Bilbo Baggins into hosting a party/sleepover for Thorin and his fellow dwarves. Throughout the party, "Thorin & Co." sing songs about the Lonely Mountain and the evil Dragon who has stolen the vast treasure of the Hobbits. Thorin later tells Bilbo about their expidition to reclaim the treasure, and reluctantly, Bilbo joins the team. His role was to be the "burglar" who would single-handedly steal the treasure back from the Dragon.

Todo's Dwarves/Elves Like Verse:

Dining on seed cakes and beer,
The dwarves barely have nothing to fear,

Even though their fructose level is very high,
Getting harmed is nowhere near

Review On Chapter 2:

The next day, the team begins the adventure. Bilbo meets up with the rest of the team early in the morning and ride into the forest on horses. After the dwarves are far asleep, Bilbo goes deeper into the forest and finds a group of giant trolls and their campsite. Bilbo, having his role as the "burglar" on the team, tries to pick-pocket a troll named William. William realizes it and captures Bilbo. Then him and his two brothers, Bert and Tom, try to find out a way to eat him. And as every imature siblings do, they get into a (physical) fight about it. After all the mischief and mayham, Bilbo is able to escape, but ends up getting the dwarves captured and tied up. Fortunately for the dwarves, the trolls fall out with each other easily, and when someone gets them to quarrel about the best way to prepare the dwarves for food, they forget to really do it and, are caught by the first light of the morning and turned to stone. That someone is Gandalf, who has returned just on time. The team finds food, drinks, weapons, and a tresure in their cave, which they end up hiding and eventually bury.

Review On Chapter 4:

Bilbo and the gang get caught up in a feirce thunder storm. For shelter, they try to spend the night in a dark and eerie cave. During the night though, a very bright light shines and out comes a gang of goblins. The goblins capture the team and head for their evil layer. While there, the lighting from the storm knocks out the lights and torches. Bilbo grabs Thorin's sword and kills the Great Goblin. He unties everyone else and they start running from the rest of the goblins although Bilbo ends up scaring them off anyway. They escape the cave and are back in the middle of the thunderstorm.

Review On Chapter 5:

After escaping from the goblins' clutches, Bilbo is stuck in the cave and needs help finding a way out of the cave and catching up with the clan. Bilbo, half scared to death, stumbles upon a mysterious ring, which he knows nothing about. He picks it up and stuffs it in his pocket. Soon after, Bilbo finds a strange creature by the river named Gollum, who knows almost everything abut the woods, and the ring. Feeling desperate, Bilbo tries to get directions out of him, but Gollum refuses and says only if he answers some tricky riddles correct will he give him directions. Not knowing this is a trap so Gollum can kill/eat him, Bilbo accepts the challenge. Being very wise, he gets them all correct, and Gollum thinks he cheated, but after a fierce argument, Gollum helps him get out. Sort of. In under a minute, Gollum tackles him and tries to get the ring. Bilbo runs into a cave, where, of course, the goblins are. Now more armed and powerful, the goblins attack Bilbo (again) and (again) Bilbo manages to escape.

Bilbo Baggins:

How Luck Has Played a Role in His Success --

Luck has played a giant role in Bilbo's success. He narrowely escaped the clutches of the Goblins (with Dori's help), nearly was eaten by Wargs but he was saved by Dori again (after he almost dropped him), and he just happened to be the one to find the ring. But it wasn't sll luck, I'll admit that.

His Skills and How They Have Created His Success --

His skills have barely created his success. The only time his skills were a factor is where he solved all of Gollum's riddles. Maybe he'll use his skills later in the book. (I don't think using the ring is a skill)

His Personality Traits Related to Leadership --

Bilbo's traits relate to leadership in a partial way. At times, Bilbo acts like a leader by being wise and not giving up, but at other times he wines and wishes he could be back in his hobbit-hole.

Thorin Oakenshield:

How Luck Has Played a Role in His Success --

Luck has not played a huge part in Thorin's success. He has not been in too much trouble as Bilbo has. He's been captured like the rest of the dwarves, but mostly he got out due to Gandlaf's or Bilbo's success.

His Skills and How They Have Created His Success --

Besides being an wise old dwarve and being the grandson and the son of great kings, Thorin's skills have not played a big part in his success. He and the team is able to go into the the master's building because he tells the guards he's the King under the Mountain. It's possible his skills could play a big role later in the book.

His Personality Traits Related to Leadership --

Thorin's traits greatly relate to leadership because he is a leader. Of the dwarves that is. He is a leader and deserves to be one. His wise decisions and the way he helps the team on the adventure makes him a good leader.

A Hobbit Named Bilbo

When Gandalf introduced Bilbo as the 14th member of the team, many were opposed to the move. The dwarves initial reactions were that he was to slow and too unadventurous to join the team.

When Bilbo became the burglar of the group, he was quite unexperienced. He knew his role on the team, but wasn't sure if he could do it well. In chapter 2, Bilbo attempted to pick-pocket the giant-troll William. He was unsuccessful and eventually got everyone captured. In the next attempt, Bilbo was successful as he managed to steal a large two-handled cup from the fierce dragon, Smaug. This was exactly what he was brought on to do.

Bilbo has had the characteristics of a great leader throughout the book, and has shown them many times. In chapter 9, when the group is imprisoned in cells, Bilbo realizes there is a golden oppritunity to steal the keys and let everyone out. So he does so and comes up with the bold plan to inclose the dwarves and himself in barrells which would flow down a stream.

When Bilbo was picked as the 14th member of the group, the dwarves were not too appealed to the decision. But as the adventure continued, they became very happy and somewhat greatful to have him as the burglar. They praised him for rescuing them from the prison cells, stealing the cup form Smaug, and many other events. The dwarves obviously have changed their opinions of the wise hobbit.

When Gandalf picked Bilbo as the 14th member of the team, some were opposed to the move, yet as the story went on, they reconsidered and loved how Bilbo has helped the team.