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Gandalf tricked the trolls.
Should we mince them and boil them, roast them, or squash them?
Thorin poked one in the eye!
I like the elves' song and their humor.
They got cool swords from the trolls.
Also gold and food.
Stone gardens trolls. What do you think of that?
Good morning, my preciousssssnessssssssssssss.

Lead-in to Hobbitty for #16 MVP (Arjun):
All stories have important characters, other than the main ones. This award is for the 16th most important character after the journeying group and Gandalf.

A Song for Bilbo

There was a hobbit who liked to eat,
His name was Bilbo, he had furry feet,
an adventure he had, when he was a lad,
though he was 'bout 50, and thought 'ventures not neat.

he went outside and saw a wizard,
(wherever he went, he left fierce blizzards)
of adventure (not shame), Gandalf is his name,
so Bilbo then had an upset gizzard.

and on the door, he carved a rune,
it caused some dwarves to arrive soon,
a job gamble, a burglar's symbol,
this was the rune, it stayed in the moon.

the dwarves arrived, ate many a cake,
and put Bilbo's reputation at stake.
they sang in the night, without any light,
and talked about the trip they must take.

the journey would be very lengthy,
the group would have to be very strengthy,
treasures unfogged, kill dragon Smaug,
finish the quest upon Gandalf sent thee.


into a forest, the group had toiled,
a light, the hobbit did not recoil,
three trolls he met, and his best bet,
pickpocket one but he was foiled.

one troll grabbed him, and he was caught,
they got the group, he was very distraught,
Gandalf was gone, though needed a ton,
and Thorin did his best and fought.

the trolls argued for roast or boiled,
the dwarves in sacks had breaths that toiled,
Gandalf had come, the trolls were dumb,
their mimicked voices, they had been foiled.

Gandalf had talked in each troll's tone,
and then the trolls just turned to stone,
for dawn was there, and each troll stared,
Gandalf had rescued each dwarve's bones.

they found a place that had contained each troll,
the key Bilbo found then played a big role,
there were pots of gold, and food without mold,
and swords that the trolls had plundered and stole.

through the Misty Mountains the group did roam,
and found the last house that was like a home,
first, elves said, "it's that way!" fourteen days they did stay,
Bilbo thought Elrund was as safe as a dome.

and when they were going to leave quite soon,
Elrund found Thror's map had moon runes,
moon runes can be seen on the day they have been,
and this was a midsummer eve with a moon.

a crescent moon, to be exact,
and the moon runes read a crucial fact,
"Stand by the grey stone" I don't mean to moan,
but which grey stone is the info this lacked.

"When the thrush knocks, and the setting sun"
What does the thrush knock? It confuses me a ton.
"With the last light" I get THIS all right,
"Of Durin's Day will shine upon the key-hole" this is NOT fun.

Durin's Day is the first day
of the last moon in Autumn's stay.
In the dwarves' New Year it's the first day (not to fear)
and the moon is there and so is the sun and it's rays.

As soon as the sun finished setting, three trolls exited their cavern. It had contained much gold and food, which was now all in the brown sacks that the trolls had heavily slung over their shoulders. The trolls walked through the winter evening, and they were all in a grumpy mood, since the wind was howling and biting at their ears. They were all in the Misty Mountains, Bert, Tom, and William. No one ever came that way anymore, and the trolls usually didn't have anything to eat that was as scrumptious as a small child or dwarf, mostly only sheep and rabbits. So William had suggested that they move to the lone-lands, in the forest. They all thought it a good idea, and that evening, they set out, for though it was a cold and gloomy night, they wanted to taste a man soon, and they left their comfortable home. Now, I must inform you that trolls are disgusting creatures, always arguing and trying to find their next meal, if they aren't plundering other people and stealing their belongings after eating the poor victims. These particular trolls were very nasty, though they at least didn't have more then one head each. Bert was annoyed by the bitter cold, and shouted angrily, “Why'd yer have to pick a day like this, yer pea-brained dummy!” ”Yer agreed to the suggestion, and I won't take those insults from yer, Bert!” yelled William, and with that his fist met Bert's nose. Then, the two nasty trolls were in a tussle, heaving about the ground and throwing punches and kicks at each other. Tom tried to stop them by pegging them with stones and pebbles, but this only made it worse, and Tom also entered the fray. Then, William punched Bert in the eye and jumped on him, and then Bert swung his arms wildly and caught Tom's ankle, and they all fell in a heap and started rolling downhill. At the foot of the hill, the fight started again, with everyone shouting insults and flinging fists, when William fell on the ground. Bert's punch missed his face by inches, but made a resounding clash on the ground. All three jumped up and were astounded when they saw what had made the clash. There were two swords and one dagger, all with sheaths that shined, and, as they discovered when they remove the sheaths, the sharp blades glistened like moonlight. They all stood in awe, and then William said, “We'd better get going or we'll be stone.” And with that he picked up the clearly Elfish blades and put one in his sack, another in Bert's, and the last in Tom's. Then the speechless triplets set out to the forests of the lone-lands. The three trolls set up a fire in their center and then set out for some food. They had arrived just a few hours before the sun rose. Tom had found a cavern and they all went inside and ate. Then, they had carried their belongings to a corner, carved out shelves, and placed food there. Since they had a lot of time during the day, they carved pegs for victims' clothes,and where they could place the swords. Presently, they had all come back with a sheep and rabbit each, though William had been lucky and brought two dead men instead. As they lightly roasted them, William said, "What did I tell yer? It really is a good place." And that was one of the few times he had talked kindly.
Q. What did you like doing most before you had gone on this adventure, and how do you think things will change now, if you ever come back?
A. I liked to eat. Many things were very tasty to me, especially cakes, though elves probably make much better ones. I also liked just resting and blowing smoke-rings, though none were as good as Gandalf's. Sometimes I liked to invite friends over and I would ask them to enjoy a cup of tea with me. It was kind of like an instinct and that was when I asked Gandalf to come, though I didn't want him to. I think that the fact that I went on the adventure will, so far, make me more adventurous, leader-like, daring, knowledgeable, and wise. It probably will also make me know good friends and have a good amount of money in the end, if I survive. I already am starting to like adventures, I have been leading attacks and escapes, because I have the plan or I know what to do. I daringly tried to take a trolls purse, and dared to steal things from elves, even with the ring, who hear well. I made up a dangerous plan and I fought giant spiders with a sword. I know more about where different places are and I have learned about different history and what some creautures look like. Same for when I'd be wise, and there's still more of the stry to come. I'd also have a lot more experience in many different things such as sword fighting.

Q. How did you feel after you decided to pickpocket the troll instead of telling the dwarves?
A. I felt regretful, because I made then all get put into sacks when I didn't come back. However, when we all survived, I felt happy, because we all had survived a dangerous event. I felt a little bit ashamed though, because I was the one who had gotten them into this trouble in the first place.

Q. How did you feel after escaping the goblins and Gollum, and at the same time, getting the ring?
A. I felt good and happy that I now possessed something magical that could help me. It saved my life many times. Also, I felt happy to have escaped such viscous and dangerous creatures, the goblins, and I also felt that I was lucky to be alive, since I had almost been captured.
Another feeling I had was worry. I didn't know where Gandalf and the dwarves were, and I thought that they might be inside the goblin tunnel still. I was going to go after them but I found them first.

Q. When Beorn left and didn't come back for two days, what did you think was happening?
A. I thought that he had gone to get goblins and Wargs and bring them here to capture us. I must admit, I didn't
trust him then, because he was missing, his footprints led to the mountains, and he had been holding a bear party last night.

Q. How did you feel when Bombur fell into the black river?
A. At that time, I felt sad that he would possibly sleep forever, because that was what he had been doing, and I felt angry that he had to fall in, even though it wasn't his fault. It was strange that the black deer decided to jump just as Bombur was coming on to the bank.

Q. How did you later feel after you had just entered an elf-ring for the third time?
A. I felt that we should have been more careful, because of Gandalf's warning, and we should not have been tempted. Also, we shouldn't have went in a third time, knowing that everything disappeared the first 2 times. I can't say many people wound'nt have gone when they were so hungry, and lights and great smell and sights were there. There were also elves who are good people.

Q. How did you feel when you took up courage and saved the dwarves from the spiders?
A. I felt very brave, and I felt heroic. It was good to save them all from death. When I killed the first spider I felt like I could do almost anything. I was happy that I managed to save my friends, or they would be dead, and I probably would've died too.

Da Daily Elfish Empire

The Drunken Duo

The Chief of the Guards, Valandil Palantir, and the
king’s butler, Finwe Fefalas were found drunk, sleeping on the table in the kitchen, with an empty bottle of Dorwinion wine next to them both. They had been drinking out of the great flagons of the butler, and the strong wine had put them to sleep. “We only tasted the wine to make sure it was good for the king,” says the Chief of Guards. The butler had been disappointed when he woke up. “I object! I only was trying the wine! You should thank me! It could’ve been poisoned!” shouted the butler. The two absent-minded elves both said that the wine was very tasty and no one could’ve resisted it. The king found that out for himself. Both of the elves have been put down to lower positions; the Chief of Guards is now an ordinary guard, and Oropher Amandil has risen to the position. The butler now serves food, and Eol Pallanen has replaced him. Why had the king punished them for drinking and making merry a little? See next part.

Prisoners gone!

After finding that the two elves were drunk, the king found out that the prisoners have escaped! “How could you have left your posts! I said stay on duty!” the king had shouted. Never has he been so angry, not since the goblins had been fighting with us. Mr. Falassion has investigated the cells. He has discovered that there are foot-prints in the cavern that are foot-prints from a hobbit. The hobbit must have helped the dwarves get out somehow. Either the Dwarves or the hobbit must have had a magical item that helped them escape. Using detecting magic, Mr. Falassion has figured out that the cell doors were opened then locked, and the Chief of Guard’s keys had been taken and replaced on his belt.

The Great

The Elves who had pushed out the barrels for refills have reported they were heavy. Mr. Falassion has realized that the prisoners have escaped in the barrels. The hobbit must’ve pet his friends in and grabbed a barrel, and thus, they have escaped.