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Troll Talk
Here is the Song I wrote. Hope you like it!

We walked around from Morning to Night
Untill we heard an awful fight
There were the trolls who fought and rolled
That gave us an awful fright

We walked a way for 'bout a day
And I tired I must say
The elves appeared and filled our ears
And pointed to send us on our way

The goblins came and took our food
And we were not in the mood
They ate the ponies, like macaroni
And didn't even use a spoon

We were in trouble
'cause the goblins had doubled
and took us to a room with quite a gloom
Then we ran away for quite a way
and fell right in a puddle

We stayed with the man
Who gave us a hand
For he gave us some horses to lead our courses
Then he sent us off with cans.

Here's a new type of rythem to Bilbo's song! It still continues the story though!

The horses were taken
By now we were shaken
From the woods that layed ahead
We hiked up our trousers and gathered the wousers and set off for the day

The wind howled
with quite a sound
that chilled the edges of bone
We reached old dale
with our hoped that failed
and set up the camp for the night.

Chapter One

  • I think that Bilbo is not ready to be a burglar.
  • Bilbo does not have the bravery. ex- he shrieks like a little girl, he scares about running out of cake

Chapter two
Bilbo made a right decision by picking the trolls pocket because they were able to get weapons and food from the trolls.