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If I was a hobbit my name would be Fortora Wisks (I made up this name). The name that the website gave me was Belladonna Sackville-Baggins. Figure out what your hobbit name would be. At least you're not stuck with Primula Loamsdown of Deephallow! Primula! I do NOT look like a Primula.

Enjoy My Creative Writing:

An Interview with Bilbo:

(Bella, you are also going to write the introduction to the whole show! Talk about the nature of the adventure as well as the fact that we will be giving out several important awards for achievements during that time, etc. I started it for you.)

Introduction: (Belladonna):
Welcome to the 1st Annual Hobbitty Awards, coming to you live from Hobbitton. This award show will be the best you have ever seen! It will be uncanny and amazing! During this wonderful event we will be giving out incredible acheivments for this special adventure of Thorin and Company. As you may know, these special dwarves and one fatt little hobbit, went on this special adventure to steal and win back the treasure of Thror and rebuild their town of Dale. It took bravery, sacrfice and cleverness. They met up with abominable creatures, such as dragons and goblins, that took them away into dark and creepy tunnels. They all thought that they were going to die. They also faced many moments of joy and despair which tested their abilty to make a move of cleverness.

Lead-in to Hobbitty for CREEPIEST CREEP (Belladonna):
Now, we all know that without the Creep of the adventure, the quest isn’t finished. Without the Creep the book wouldn’t as good. You don’t get the chance to go, “Eeeeewwwww”, or, “Man that guy is really gross”. All of the Nominees, sadly, could not be here today. Some are taking a lifetime swim and some are licking there wounds from the Battle of the Five Armies. Whoever is the Creepiest Creep is the one who is the slyest and most cunning. As you may or may not know, this run for the Creepiest Creep was very close. In this adventure there were many Creeps and Slime-balls, but only one can win this award. Judges, the envelpoe please. The winner is: