Participate in the development of a grading rubric for our journey "There and Back Again."

How should your contributions be assessed? How should they be weighted?

Add to the chart below:

Quality of Wiki responses

This should be worth a lot of our grade.
IT should be worth a 1/4 if its that important!!!!!

Every wiki response should be seen as a writing assignment in terms of quality descriptions and contributions. Short and plain answers to questions are not as impressive as more detailed ones.
Contributions to group discussions

This should also be worth a lot.
I agree
Depth of thinking and connections about the book

worth about half of our grade
Quality of writing assignments

This should be worth less than the wiki responses but still a good amount.
should be worth alot more!!!!!!!!!!!than wiki

The larger writing responses (interview, article, etc) should carry more weight than a chapter response.
Working with the Wiki
  • Using it's tools to make interesting pages and comments

I think we should learn about more of the tools on the wiki.
Doing all of the assignments
  • The quality
  • On time

Important but should be explained more of where to do it if you do not have an e-mail adress because than you can;t send it or maybe you have to learn how to.

If there are problems with access to the wiki, you should tell the teacher and make other arrangements

Creative Passage

The creative passages and the interview go allong with Quality of the wring assignments.


Newspaper article

Poems and Pi-ems

Can we please go over how to make a Pi-em? No!!!! So of us didn't do the Pi-em and that was a bonus so we didn't have to do it. Please don't make that part of our grade. And by the way we didn't write any poems. So of us might have incorporated it in our creative writing, but you didn't assign us a poem.

"A Song for Bilbo" was a poetic contribution. Pi-ems were bonus and will be treated that way.
The directions for a pi-em have always been on Meriadoc's page, Primula.
Quality of Chapter Chat answers

Quality of Page responses

The Hobbitty Awards * Partisipation
  • Cleverness
  • Helpfulness